Saturday, July 30, 2011

SO. Just go ahead and disregard my last post on this blog about diversifying and shit. That is not going to happen. I'll just stick to my guns on this site and hope for the best.

Right. So I forgot what I used to to on this blog, to be honest. I think it was a comic, a song, and some thoughts about whatever.

If you're actually reading this, maybe throw this song on while you skim through it. See if you can dig it or not.

Oh man so...I moved back from Hawaii because fuck that place. It was way too humid and the people there aren't as friendly as you might think. It was nice for like the first month, but it just was not for me. Also, who else thinks that beaches (even Hawaiian beaches) are overrated? There's all this shit there that is like unacceptable there anywhere else, but we put up with it because "Hey, we're at the beach!". Sand gets everywhere, the water makes me feel dry as hell after I get out, and animals steal your food. All that just to splash around a bit and MAYBE build a sand castle? You've heard people complain about the beach way too many times before I'm sure, but I thought I'd just add my two cents.

Naw it's cool man, we're at the beach!

Three Word Phrase. It's a webcomic that is filled with pee and poop and butt jokes. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't a few gems in there that I might be willing to share with you males and females.

Maybe you like them

Maybe you don't

In other news, I recently took up smoking marijuana. I hope that you god fearing paragons of morality don't immediately close my blog in disgust because of my choice. It seems that so many people have to be so extreme about either their love or hate for it. Just chill. But I'm not here to get into that. 

I was thinking that I'd share a story or whatever about my experience(s) with the stuff. I think it's a decent story. I went and smoked with two of my friends before watching a movie, and I didn't feel anything at all until we got in line at which point it hit me hard. I couldn't keep my balance and my vision seemed like it was completely static. So I feebly tried holding onto my friend for support, but I ended up falling back and hitting my head on the cement. I remember thinking, "Oh, I fell. Maybe I should get up." 

I don't even know how I made it to a bench, but after I did, my vision returned to me just in time to see what appeared to be a cop (he was in cop attire, though he may have just been a security guard. What's a security guard going to do?). In retrospect, I feel like I should have panicked, but instead I managed to sell a story about how I had a medical condition that made me pass out from time to time. It was a terrible story, to be sure, but he bought it. I wasn't allowed in the theater after that because I was a liability due to my "health issue"', so I told my friends to watch the movie without me and I'd go relax back in the car.

What follows is probably my most intense experience with weed. I put on a playlist of music that I felt would make me question reality and just laid back with all the candy and snacks I'd bought for the movie. The most memorable thing was the closed eye visuals I saw. The music playing was drawing a majestic, colorless landscape as far as my (closed) eye could see. While that was impressive by itself, I happened to have some Red Vines, Peanut Butter M&M's, those multicolored sour candies, and a Coke with me. The snacks that I ate splashed color onto the landscape and made the picture complete. 

I was flying over this landscape at mach 2

That was the only thing that I really remember from that particular session, although I know I felt like I was travelling through different dimensions. I don't want to ramble on about the same thing, although I may share more experiences that I had in later posts, if that's what pleases the reader. 

thx u guise 4 reedin my bl0g illl p0st mor l8r lololollol


  1. Is Hawaii expensive too? I've heard that, but never had the chance to ask someone who has been there before.

    Also, weed is bad for you :D trolololol

  2. Well, at first I was going to be a jerk and ignore your blog, but then that last line made me think otherwise. So eloquent... So powerful... I'm weeping right now, swear to God.

  3. pretty insightful man. thanks and followed.

  4. you really did some crazy stuff in hawaii

  5. lol Good stuff. Feel the same about the beach.

  6. That beach picture is ridiculous,
    where is JAWS when you need em eh?

  7. That so was pretty good. Definitely matches my vibe.

  8. The god Cthulu rained down hell and plus followed